What is generic medicines?

Perhaps you do it because you’re worried that the generic might not be manufactured to the same standards as the original.

We all know generic medicines are cheaper than the originals, but do you still opt for the original when the pharmacist offers you the generic version?

You are not alone – the fact that generic drugs are up to 80% cheaper than brand-name versions of medications can sometimes make consumers wonder whether they are buying an inferior or less effective product.

The facts about generics vs. the original

The World Health Organisation (WHO) assures us that generics, while they are copies of the original, are 100% interchangeable with the original, aka the ‘innovator’ medicine1.

More simply put, they contain the exact same ingredients, making them what is called ‘bio-equivalents’.

The beauty of generics is that they are so much more affordable, putting them within reach of poorer people who would not normally be able to buy the original medicine.

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